Glad Market Posting Rules

“Welcome to our posting rules!. Knowing the rules and policies on Glad Market can help you become a more successful seller.” has its own posting rule policy, so before listing your item, you have to make sure you read, understand, and regularly check our policies (including the rules for sellers and regulations on the sale of your item. This can help you avoid potential problems.

Listing practices

To satisfying and good experience on Glad Market, we're helping sellers list their items in the most effective ways possible. Normally rules, sellers have to follow some steps below:

  • Select a category that matches your item for sale.
  • Provide a clean or clear title, some photos and accurate description about your item.
  • Be avoid like faked item, special characters, spamming, and craminal keyword because it makes people hard to find what they're looking for.
  • Only sell it if you have it, excepted pre-ordered, wait till you have it before you try to sell it, but also you can put it as like with pre-ordered tickets.
Khmer and English only please.

You will be able to post your ads with two languages then keep it clean

Duplicate Posts

Multiple posts for one item can be confusing to buyers and difficult to manage for sellers. Please don't post duplicate ads.

Posting Location

Glad Market encourages you to post an ad matches in your geopgraphic area so buyers can arrange to meet you for local pickup or delivery in fast and easily.

Prohibited and restricted items

Since so far, our posting rules are often base on our own policies and the kingdom of Cambodia laws in some cases.

  • Avoid any pictures containing other third-party watermark.
  • Firearms, weapons, and knives
  • We don’t endorse or support one thing over another.
  • Be avoid any pictures containing other third-party watermark.
  • Prohibited services, which include services that are illegal or sexual in nature or violate the law of Glad Market and the kingdom of Cambodia.
  • No “Not Allowed” items please, you can check out the list here.
Help Keep Our Community Strong

If you notice posts that don’t meet these guidelines, please report them to us for investigation. Give us an Feedback or reach us at here.

Thank you! Glad Market Team