Frequently asked questions on Glad Market

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How to sell item on Glad Market?

To sell your item on Glad Market for the first seller must be registered an account with Glad Market or you doesn't need to register if you have Facebook account then you can keep your new account for posting ad.

We appreciate you to read our posting rule before getting start post any ads.

How to post a new ad?

Post your ad, you need to logged in at first then find out at the top right side near by search you will see post button then click on it.

There are two ways for posting ad

  • Normal Post
  • Advance Post

In the post side when you see star "*". It means that you require to put data. The main point of posting is name of products, price if you put zero equal to negotiat price and category of your products. Image size must be less than 3MB. We appreciate you to read our posting rule before getting start post any ads.

How to register an account?

It is a very simple way and easy to have an account on Glad Market, just go through with the SIGNUP button and then fill out with all requirement fields are needed then you will received a verification sent to your email or phone to verify your last step.

Welcome message will send you if you have successful registered with us. Congratulation!

How to edit my ad after posted?

In this case, it means you have known how to post an ad. Logged in site then browser to your ad list then find EDIT button to edit your ad. To finish up click SAVE.

How to make my ad to show up to everyone?

In every post is always show up at Latest Block, and it will disappear once there are many ads come after. But you are able to keep your ad to show in feature ad in homepage. Another way, you can also keep showing at feature category in category page. The features is for charged user only, if you want to do that at Latest Ad, then just do with renew ad

What is difference between free members and premium member?

Glad Market provides online posting services with two types, once is free user and second once is premium member for registered users.

What is premium member?

Free members is refer to user who don't want to spend money to selling their item on Glad Market, Other way free member has limit post, renew ad in specific count per day, and user can't use Featured Ad or Top Category features.

When you apply a gold member, you can use a full features with Feature Ad and Top Category.

How can be a gold member?

To be come a gold member when you process do logged in as a free member, you just browse and click the button upgrade to gold members then waiting for approval from our customers services. Our customer service will contact you shortly. After success applied, you will be automatically be come a gold member.