Denim Man Body​ដេនីមផលិតនៅអ៊ីតាលី

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Phnom Penh Selling Price: $4.5 /Unit(s) Specifications
  • Man body spray from Itatly: Protect odour 24hours
  • Man body spray from Itatly: Protect odour 24hours
Ad Description


With Deolite, providing 24 hour protection and long lasting fragrance, made in Italy. Denim knows man more than any brand always confidence to the consumer, formulated in EU but affordable, long lasting masculine fragrances.

 Denim Roll On រ៉ូលអនលុញក្លៀកបុរសពីអ៊ីតាលីដេនីម

Confident for man to make his own mark, help to protect odor for long lasting. Made in Italy រ៉ូលអនលុញក្លៀកការពារក្លិនខ្ហួន២៤ម៉ោងរបស់បុរសម៉ាកដេនីម ក្លិនក្រអូបឈ្ងុយឈ្ងប់ ផលិតនៅអ៊ីតាលី លក់តាមហាងនានា and Sale in Sale in many markets ផ្សារអ៊ីអនម៉ល (ជាន់ក្រោម), Parkway, Paragone, Arona, Vatanak Super Market, Glory Mart, Chea Seng Try Mart, Phnom Penh Mart, Nice Dragon, Apple Mart, Fare Market, Green Care shop, Ecos Mart, Home Marts, Tela Marts, Buddy Mart, Ad Ward Mart, Tunle Basac shop, Express Mart, STRS Mart, Thida Mart, Preachan Mul Mart, Narita Mart, Laor Saart Mart, Waiting Care Mart, One 2 Shop Mart, Narita Mart(PC Market), K Mart, Kema Mart, Phnom Penh Mart, Pharmacy Phamalinks, Pharmacy Pharmarts, Phnom Penh City, Ratanak Mart, and many other marts /shops etc...or contact us 098 286 287.


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