Road to be an Accounting Manager in 3 - 5 years

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Why CAC?

What can you expect as a member of CAC? Accounting Manager! Your voice will be heard. Your contributions will be valued. And your need for a work-family balance will be respected. CAC is an ideal center that supports you to achieve your career goals very shortly. You will find that we are committed to building accounting professionals from juniors to managers through the three following unique tools:

Practical Course

We offer professionals the opportunity to attend regular practical accounting programs-PAP to help build the skills and knowledge they need to reach their professional goals. Our Custom Programs deliver tailor-made tools and in hand templates for daily work.


The process of debate offers profound and lasting benefits for individuals with its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork; and especially on problem solving of daily work issues. Members have chances to bring those issues and challenge one another to bring the best thinking to the debate class.


Many students enter their professional programs with little understanding of the complex landscape of higher education or how different concepts in professional programs drive expectations for academic excellence and ideal career pathways.

This is not a problem but rather an opportunity for good mentoring. Students’ career goals are evolutionary and good mentors assist students with their professional evolution.

Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support (not only technical skills but also communication and leadership skills) to facilitate success in professional school and beyond. Quality mentoring greatly enhances students’ chances for success.

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